Berry's Natural Food MarketAfter years of weight gain, I finally realized that the human body is a high-performance complex machine. Just like a sports car needs premium fuel, our bodies also need premium fuel. The analogy is perfect. Take an Audi R8 and try running it on low-grade fuel, old used oil, gunked up heads, bald tires, and a worn clutch. The car is going to run like a thirty-year-old beater and as long as you mistreat that machine, expensive problems will occur. The human body is the same way. If you spend the next ten, twenty, thirty years of your life eating fast food, ice cream, fried food, soda and beer then you’re going to have some serious complications down the road. It’s no secret that degenerative diseases feed off this lifestyle. Your body (the ultimate high-performance machine) will most likely stop functioning optimally at a premature rate with a poor diet. But when taken care of correctly the human body has a greater chance of fighting disease and operating the way it’s designed to.

I’ve experienced a more energetic and happier healthy life once I rid my life of the toxins so many of us are accustomed to. And so can you! Someone once told me that people usually have no idea how horrible they actually feel. It’s true and I’ve experienced this same phenomenon. I dare you to switch to a wholesome healthy diet and see if you don’t notice a smaller waist, clearer skin, stronger immune system, mental clarity and greater spirituality. Those are only a few of the many benefits.

Learning these things first hand has led me to provide a place where the community can find food without questioning if it’s healthy. This is a place where people know they’re making the best possible food choices for themselves and their families. Our goal is to uplift the community and educate one another on the importance of eating right.

Listen, this isn’t about some bogus miracle drug or fad diet. It’s simple. Exercise and eat foods that are nutrient dense and come naturally from the Earth. Take control of your health and improve your life! Your body demands premium fuel, give it what it needs!

Rob Berry,
Berry’s Natural Food Market